Instructors and Staff

Becky Taylor McClincy

Becky Taylor McClincy began her dance career at the age of six with the Concannon Dance Studio of Findlay, Ohio. She studied Cecchetti Ballet, a graded system, in which she was adjudicated in each level including teaching levels. Becky also had the opportunity to study with many professional teachers in the “Performing Arts” field such as the great Luigi, Al Gilbert, Frank Hachett and Danny Hoctor (just to mention a few).

At the age of fifteen, Becky began teaching at the Concannon Studio’s where her love for children and the arts grew.

At sixteen, Becky attended the National Ballet School of Canada. She also took classes at Marie Vohgt’s School of Ballet in Toledo, Ohio and became a member of the Bud Kerwin Ballet Company, where she performed many solos.

Becky began her own school of dance in 1964 where she continued teaching, performing and studying all forms of dance.

Many of Becky’s students have pursued their own dance careers, such as dance companies, dance school owners, and owning dance education conventions. Becky is particularly proud of one of her students who is currently the Director of Entertainment for Univeral Studios in Florida. She is in charge of hiring all dancers and directing all the holiday shows.

Throughout her dance career, Becky has raised her family and continued to contribute to the community.

Perhaps one of her proudest accomplishments, Becky, now retired, has passed her legacy onto her daughter, Meghan. Meghan has purchased the business and has become owner and director of “Becky’s School of Dance.” Becky continues to enjoy the business with Meghan as the co-director.

Meghan McClincy-Woolley

Meghan McClincy-Woolley is the current owner and director of Becky’s School of Dance, Home of the Findlay Academy of Ballet. Meghan and her husband, Jeff, recently purchased the studio from her parents, Jon and Becky McClincy.

Meghan has grown up in the world of dance since her parents owned the studio. Her first stage debut was at age 2, and although now retired from performing, still makes an appearance from time to time.

Meghan has traveled the country, from a young age, taking dance from many dance masters including Luigi, Al Gilbert, Art Stone, Danny & Betty Hoctor, Joel Ruminer, Ben Bagby, Annie Day, Marcus Alford, Dustin Phillips, Daryl Retter and Barry Youngblood to name a few. She has also taken Rockette Workshops to learn their choreography and strengthen technique. For her 16th birthday, her mother took her to N.Y.C. to study with many dance greats at Dance Caravan.

She takes her students on a “dance” trip every other year to NYC, dancing at Walt Disney World or dancing on a cruise ships. She works hard fundraising with the children for the 2 years prior to help them afford their trip. The best part of the trips, for her, is to see all her student’s hard work pay off when they are onstage!

Meghan’s students qualified to dance at a Cleveland Cavaliers game in 2013 and they danced right before tip-off. It was one of the coolest experiences of her life – to be able to see her dancers on a huge court and also close up on the Jumbo-Tron. They were AMAZING! They have recently been invited to perform again this year!

But the most touching performance for her was when they danced for one of their own…Miss Kara Ward, who battled breast cancer last year, and WON! They were proud to do a dance for her at the performance in 2013 – the crowd roared and were all up on their feet! It was life-changing to see how supportive everyone was. The students repeated the dance at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Findlay, Ohio. Kara, the staff and the dancers were fabulous!

Meghan has put together a scholarship called “Becky’s Angels” that help children afford dance fee’s and dance supplies in order to take class. She has an anonymous panel that decides who is given scholarships each year. The scholarship is funded by anonymous donors.

Meghan has sent dance shoes, leotards and other supplies to hurricane and tornado victims who were in need. Because even through the devastation…in a child’s mind…the show must go on…

She has taken her dancers to perform at various events including the Halloween Parade in Findlay, the Agency on Aging, the Rotary meeting & the Habitat for Humanity Inspiration Celebration.

Meghan and her husband, Jeff, have 2 daughters of their own, Ava and Maryn. They also took guardianship of a teenager, Kaitlyn, in 2010. They have 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 bunnies. They enjoy visiting relatives, participating in 4-H, and anytime they can hanging out as a family.

Meghan would not be able to do any of this without the support of her family and her wonderful staff. They are a close-knit bunch of talented girls that always support one another. Meghan feels she is truly blessed to have such an amazing dance family.

Meghan continues the lessons first instilled by her mother. In its 50th year, Meghan’s three daughters are eager to take over when they are old enough and Becky’s School of Dance is ready for another long tradition.

Kaitlyn Emerine

Kaitlyn Emerine is currently the assistant director and an instructor at Becky’s School of Dance, Home of the Findlay Academy of Ballet. Kaitlyn made her first appearance on stage when she was just 2 ½ years old and just hung up her dancing shoes this year to be able to concentrate on the kids more at the performance. Kaitlyn has had many dance experiences including traveling around the country and to New York City to study with many dance professionals at Broadway Dance Center, Maestro Studios, Steps on Broadway and even with a Rockette!  She has danced at 3 different Cleveland Caviler’s games and has danced on 2 different cruise ships with her friends at Becky’s.  She has danced at the Grand Ole Opry with her sisters and her friends and had a “boot scootin’ good time!” Kaitlyn has also been to many different dance Intensives including Shock Reloaded, The Edge and Jazz on Tap on Tour where she was asked to be an “On Tour Dancer” and demonstrate for the intensive instructors as they toured the country with the intensive. Outside of dance Kaitlyn enjoys bonfires, watching races, riding four wheelers, riding horses, enjoying time with her friends, family and her dog Miley (Chi Chi).  She is also attending college to get a degree in Business Management.  Kaitlyn plans on continue to teach and dance for many years to come.

Dana Orians

Dana has been a part of Becky’s since 1968 when she started taking dance lessons. She took tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and acrobat over the years and loved every minute of it!  She was given the opportunity to start teaching for Becky in 1979 and has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful dancers over the years including some whom are second generational students.  She loves watching her students grow and develop as dancers and has maintained friendships with many former students.  She plans to continue to teach as long as she is needed until the time is right for retirement! However, she will always be there to help out at Becky’s whenever she can. Becky’s has been her home away from home and she loves and respects both Miss Becky and Miss Meghan and will always consider them family. Dana and her husband Tim have had the privilege of raising two great children Brennan, an OSU graduate who lives in Columbus and Kaili, an OSU student and former dancer at Becky’s School of Dance.

Kara Ward

Kara is just a small town girl, taking that midnight train going anywhere. She began her dance career at a young age and thirty some odd years later, we can’t seem to get her off that stage! After 14 years, Kara branched her dance career out into the big city, continuing her dance education at The Ohio State University and various capital area studios. Kara returned to our studio in 2009 and teaches tap, jazz, and lyrical and is celebrating her big 20th anniversary with Becky’s this year. Whether she’s teaching, dancing, or generally loitering in the office, on any given night you can find Kara earning her keep around the studio. Kara loves instilling the joy of performance in her students and stresses the importance of strong feet and bodies in her work. Her big, crazy, sometimes dysfunctional extended dance family is what keeps her going and makes her smile brighter on the daily.

Judy Reading

Judy Reading danced professionally with the Deutsche Oper am Rhein ( Germany ), Boston Ballet, Ohio Ballet and freelanced in festivals throughout Europe, Latin America and the U.S.A. Since her retirement from dancing she has taught at the University of Akron, University of Toledo, Heidelberg University and for the past eight years as the resident professional at the Findlay Academy of Ballet.

Nalin Smith

Nalin started dancing at Becky’s School of Dance when she was 2.5 years old and has danced with us for 15 years.  When her daughter was old enough to dance she, of coarse, signed her up at Becky’s.  After watching her daughter dance, she realized how much she missed dancing.  After some nudging from her daughter and husband she came back to dance with us! She loves every minute of it, getting to teach little ones and instilling the love for dance she herself has.  She has two daughters and a son with her husband, and their love of dance continues.

Parris Crow

Parris is going into her third year of teaching here at Becky’s.  She began taking ballet classes at the age of three and continued taking classes until she graduated high school in 2018.  She enjoys encouraging her students as they grow in their love for dance, and takes joy in watching them grow from year to year.  In her free time Parris enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, and visiting with relatives and friends.

Ava Woolley

Ava has danced at Becky’s since she was 2 ½ years old.   She began student teaching when she was 11 and has been teaching her own classes since she was 15.  Ava has furthered her dance education by going to many different dance Intensives including Shock Reloaded, The Edge and Jazz on Tap on Tour.  She has also taken classes at Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Maestro Studios and taken class with Rockettes.

Ava loves to perform and has performed on a cruise ship, at 4 Cleveland Cavaliers games and at the Grand Ole Opry.

Ava loves to dance, play Lacrosse, hang out with friends and care for her animals.  She will be heading to college in 1 year to study medicine.

Maryn Woolley

Maryn is a “team” teacher with her sister Kaitlyn.  She has danced since she was 2 ½ years old and has been a student teacher since she was 11.  Maryn has furthered her dance education by going to many different dance Intensives including Shock Reloaded, The Edge and Jazz on Tap on Tour.  She has also taken classes at Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Maestro Studios and taken class with Rockettes.

Maryn shines when she is dancing and teaching and has danced at 4 Cleveland Cavaliers games and at the Grand Ole Opry.

Maryn loves to dance, cook, organize and care for her animals.  She also loves working with children.

Ayriana Snyder

Ayriana has been a part of Becky’s School of Dance for 14 years, beginning her dance career at the age of 2. She has taken tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical classes throughout her years. She has danced, with Becky’s, at four Cleveland Cavaliers games and has also participated in Shock Intensives and jazz technique classes with NEOS Dance Theatre mater instructors. She has grown up in the studio and has loved every day she has spent there. Dance is her passion and there is no other studio she would rather be at! She loves working with children and teaching them to dance is one of her favorite things. When she was given the opportunity to extend her dance career by teaching, she was beyond excited and is looking forward to many more years to come at the studio.

Kendra Tossey

Kendra started dancing when she was two and has been a part of Becky’s for 13 years.  She currently dances ballet, lyrical, and jazz. She is in the La Premiere Companie.  She has traveled with Becky’s to New York City and has performed at a Cleveland Cavaliers game twice.  She has also performed in a 1940s Nutcracker multiple times with NEOS Dance theatre.  She attends summer ballet intensives and has studied under Bobby and Brooke Wesner, Brian Murphy and Kathy Miller.  She has attended the Oberlin Dance Intensive.  She has student taught for 4 years and loves to share her passion for dance with young students.

Emma Rossman

Emma started dancing at Becky’s when she was four and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon!  She is a Becky Taylor Dancer and is in the La Premiere Companie and jazz technique.  Emma was lucky enough to travel to New York City with Becky’s to take classes at Steps and Broadway Dance Center, take class with Rockettes and perform at a Cleveland Cavaliers game twice.  Both were experiences that she will never forget!  Emma has performed at the Carey OLC Festival four times.   She is on the Student Council and is a Varsity football cheerleader.  She has been student teaching for four years and is very excited to teach!