A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee (per child) is due with your registration card. Class registration, for previous students, begins February 1 (for fall classes) and continues through May 15. After that date, pervious students not enrolled cannot be guaranteed a position in their regular class and their registration fee will be $35.00.

New Student Registration

New student registration will begin in February and will continue through August with the regular $25.00 registration fee.

Summer Class Registration

Fall Registration Form

First Year Parent Letter


Please contact us at for current tuition fees.


We firmly believe that this should be an enjoyable experience for you and your child. You cooperation in adhering to our studio policies, as outlined, will give our staff more time to devote to your child’s dance education. We hope you’ll join us and we will make every effort to make this a rewarding activity for everyone involved.

  • ATTIRE – To teach proper technique, students are expected to come to class properly dressed in tights and leotards of your choice. When purchasing shoes, tap, jazz & lyrical shoes should be tan and ballet slippers are to be pink. Hip Hop & boys shoes are black. Dance shoes should not be worn outside. For your convenience, we carry all dance shoes and some dance-wear at reasonable prices.
  • REGULAR ATTENDANCE – Is expected! Since you are charged for all missed lessons, it is in your best interest to see that your child does not schedule other activities during dance time. We will not hold back students who attend regularly for those who do not. If your dancer misses a class due to illness, and our dance schedule permits, you are welcome to make up your lesson. We cannot guarantee that a make up class will be available. 
  • STUDENT PLACEMENT – Placement adheres to a graded system. Promotions to an advanced class can be earned by good attendance, attitude, cooperation, accepting class corrections, stage presence and perfection of technique as instructed. Placement is strictly at Becky or Meghan’s discretion and is not based on age or height. Sporadic attendance or unpolished technique can result in a student being moved to another class. Transfer students will be auditioned in regular classes for placement.
  • OBSERVING CLASSES – You are invited to observe class one week each month beginning in October. This “OBSERVATION WEEK” will be scheduled at the beginning of our season and will remain the same week of each month. Parents of our younger students are welcome to stay in our waiting area each week. We ask that parents of our older dancers “drop off” your dancer for class, unless it is your week to observe. Please plan to pick your child up promptly when class is over.
  • DANCERS AND SIBLINGS – When in our waiting room, we ask that you keep children quiet and away from the observation windows. No running or yelling is permitted in the building. Be respectful of observing parents and classes in progress. We ask that you do not bring food or drinks inside our building.
  • PERFORMANCE – Our Annual performance is scheduled near the end of May. To participate in our dance production, you will need to pay your costume fee in our office by October 24th. You will also be asked to purchase a pair of tights.

Need Further Information?  Contact Us HERE or check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions

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