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About Dance

What should my dancer wear to class?

All female ballet dancers

Wear pink tights and a plain leotard (any color). All ballet slippers must be pink. Male ballet dancers are to wear a tight fitting shirt and dance pants. Male ballet shoes are black.

Tap, jazz and lyrical dancers

Wear a leotard (any color) and tights (any color). The dancer may also wear dance shorts, dance capri’s or a dance skirt over their leotard. Tap, jazz and lyrical shoes are tan. Males dancers in tap, jazz and lyrical are to wear a tight shirt and dance pants. Shoes are black.

Hip Hop dancers

Wear dance pants and a tight shirt or leotard. Hip Hop shoes are black.

Where do I purchase shoes and dancewear?

We carry Capezio and Motionwear merchandise at our studio. All shoes, tights, leotards and extra’s should be purchased from us to ensure a proper fit. Our office is open September through May – Monday through Thursday – from 4:30-7:30 pm.

How to dancers wear their hair for class?

Ballet, lyrical and Company dancers need to wear their hair in a bun. All other classes need to have hair pulled up and away from face.

When is the May Performance?

Our performance is the 3rd weekend in May.

Will my dancer have other performance opportunities?

We used to compete but the studio turned into a “Dance Moms” episode! The environment that was created was not one that we considered “healthy” for our dancers and was not what we wanted for our studio. Since then we have taken “Dance Trips” and have been having a blast! We have danced on the Tomorrow Land Stage at Disney World, Cleveland Cavaliers games, on Cruise ships, at the Grand Ole Opry and in NYC! The dancers are asked to participate in fundraisers to help pay for their trip. We love the excitement and enthusiasm these trips bring to our studio!


When are class payments due?

Payments are due the first week of each month. Payments can be made in the form of cash, check or money order. Payments can be turned into the office during business hours, mailed to the dance studio, dropped in the tuition box by our office door or dropped in the locked box by our front entrance. Payments made after the 15th of the month will result in a late fee being added to your account. If you are unsure of the amount due for your account please call Deb at 419-423-7423 or email 

Do I pay the same amount each month...even when there are only 2 or 3 lessons due to months with holidays?

Our tuition is a yearly fee that can be broken down into monthly or tri-monthly payments for your convenience.